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Well, once again the L.A. Times Festival of Books is here. I decided to go check out the Saturday happenings and enjoyed a wonderful day despite the rain.

The best part is seeing the crowds, all there to enjoy different aspects of reading and literature. It’s a real credit to the L.A. Times to put something like this together for the past decade. I remember growing up how the Scholastic truck would come in once or twice a year to our school, and we could order a variety of books then and there. If we read enough books, we could get free pizza as part of the program. At Bookfest, the pizza certainly isn’t free, but that love of reading has carried over into a full-on festival with vendors, speakers, lectures, and publishers.

I’m not sure how many festivals like it still exist. I know England has a few, and I’m certain some of the other major cities here in the U.S. might have them. With how big it has grown, I’d love to see the idea revitalized.

Anyway, I spent the day listening to Rainn Wilson and Buzz Aldrin speak, not minding the rain with my Missouri roots taking hold, and wandering about looking at so many independent and major books for sale. Hopefully, sooner than later, I’ll have the Cloudkicker series available at them, or can speak at one of the panels. That’d be pretty cool.

If you have a chance, the Festival is still here for Sunday. It looks like the weather will be much more pleasant than yesterday, so go enjoy some great speakers and read on.