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I’m sorry for the long-ish break. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, and I’ve found myself changing my life in dramatic fashion once again. I have no idea how this will go, but I managed to get some good thinking time in along the way.

I moved away from los Angeles due to increasing rent and inability to find stable work. When I first moved out there, it was to be an actor as so many dream of. And, for a time, I actually did spend a good amount of time working for a major studio. Looking back, I had quite a few really unique experiences that some only hope to experience in their lifetimes. I learned to love Los Angeles, and my heart will remain there until the day I die.

Unfortunately, the film industry is as whimsical as it sounds, and not in the best of ways. I’ve had my share of jobs over the past ten years, all the while trying to piece together scraps of books I hope to finish one day. I finished one, of course, but it reached a point where I had more and more time to put words together and less and less pay to show for it. The Sky Thief is something I’m proud of, and it has done reasonably well given it’s my first release, but it is not $1600 a month in bills good yet.

So, I set out back to Missouri, retracing my original journey along Route 66. This time, however, I was not in a rush and managed to stop at a few places along the way.

I stopped along the Grand Canyon for half a day, where it started snowing as I made my way along the Bright Angel Trail. I’ve never been a fan of winter, but there was something truly magical about being in the middle of a snowstorm in a place that truly is a wonder of this planet. I bought the National Park annual pass, and used it along the way as often as I could.

I also managed a few brief stops at Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest National Park. I’ve always been a big space fan, and was upset I never made it to Meteor the first drive out. Same with Petrified Forest, which was a nice and fairly leisurely way to spend an afternoon.

What impressed me the most is that there were still several sections of Route 66 with their charm and kitsch. These places, mostly in Arizona, embraced their historical roots and sit as wonderful roadside stops full of neon and funky construction. Seligman, Arizona was a delight to see, and I’m disappointed I did not stop to take photos in the dusktime hours. I did, however, stand on the corner in Winslow. It was, in fact, a fine sight not just to see, but to enjoy a hot cocoa on a fairly blustery day.

So, now I’m back in Missouri and focused on getting my head straight. The good news is I can write without worry about massive rent. I have good friends here that are looking out for me. I also have a wonderful collection of ideas for shorts and novels to work on.

One thing at a time though. For now, I’ll try to enjoy some fresh air before homesickness for the Best Coast truly sets in (and it will. And it will be rough going)


The Sky Thief is now available in paperback and digital on Amazon and your local Barnes and Noble!