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My first major signing has come and gone. I was not quite sure what to expect upon stepping into my local Barnes and Noble, but I have to say everything went incredibly well. It was great to see so much support from friends and family, including my best buddy up on the left above (he’s designing the next cover, as well, and I couldn’t be happier).

This was part of a Local Author Afternoon and involved six of us from the SEMO area. I had expected to maybe talk with a few people and sell a couple books, but I got to see a ton of folks I hadn’t seen in quite some time. It was really quite moving to have that backing. Even one of my band instructors from high school dropped by, which I certainly did not expect! I am extremely appreciate to see that my two-year-old book is still getting a little buzz and maybe gaining some fans.

Which, of course, was another nice part of the signing. It’s a bit of an odd experience to have to explain your novel to random strangers. Despite so many years working in film, I never really perfected the idea of pitching something. Signing was good practice on that, not just on talking about your book, but how to sign, how to personalize things, and really interact with those interested in reading more. So often, writers are focused on the, well, writing portion of things that it can be hard to sit at a table trying to talk about yourself for four hours. We are, by nature, fairly introverted in how we think with our written words portraying most of our feelings. At a convention or signing, however, those public speaking classes have to come back into play.

So, on the whole, I’m happy with how things went and looking forward to doing it again as soon as I can. I learned a lot, and met some new fans. It helped cement that this is the kind of thing I want to do for a living, which is really the best justification I could ask for.

With that in mind, some other notes. Book Two, Desert Siren, is officially off to the U.S. Copyright Office. That means it’s done! Officially official. I have yet to set a release date, but rest assured everyone will know. I’m thinking October.

At the moment, the last hold up is the cover, which my aforementioned buddy knows about and is probably getting annoyed I keep asking about. He’s a fantastic designer, so I’m excited to see what he cooks up. In the meantime, D.S. will likely go through a second round of edits, mostly for grammar and spelling and whatnot since the major plot issues are done.

At the moment, without any front matter or About the Author, etc. stuff in the back, it’s looking about 378 pages, which is slightly longer than the last and will hopefully have much tighter formatting.

I’m excited to see where this next book goes and to get out to meet others! The next big thing looks like a Book Festival here in the area, which I am debating taking part in. I’d love to get up to St. Louis soon, as well!

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The Sky Thief is available in paperback and digital from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers! The second book in the series, Desert Siren will be released Fall 2017.